Welcome to our very first blog post! AUGUSTE launched a little over three months ago now, so you may be wondering why it took us so long to break our silence. Truthfully, we started our business entirely unsure about blogging. We definitely knew we wanted to avoid the usual clichés of wedding photography social media. After a fair bit of brainstorming, we think we've come up with a handful of interesting avenues to explore through the written word. These dispatches will hopefully allow for glimpses into who we are that go beyond surface depth. They won't always be about wedding photography, but hopefully they'll bring you a little insight into where AUGUSTE comes from and where it's heading. Thanks for reading!

As a first post, we'd like to tell you a little bit about our day photographing Natalie + François-Frederic's wedding a few years ago. We chose this first showcase for a few different reasons. Most obviously, the image of a couple walking through shoreline reeds that we chose to open our website and represent our brand was taken during this shoot. When Kim and I were solidifying our visual identity prior to launching AUGUSTE, we were both drawn to this image. Its evocation of adventure and wandering in a rich landscape lined up perfectly with the spirit of our new business.

 nathalie and francois-frederic's wedding at le crystal, montreal, quebec

Beyond that, Nat + FF's wedding was also one of the first events where Kim and I started seriously considering the partnership that would become AUGUSTE. Shooting the couple's portrait session in the Bois-de-l'Île-Bizard Nature Park, we realized that our photographic senses were being tingled by the same things and that working together had become second nature. Most of all, it dawned on us that we were just having a great time collaborating and that we should do it more often. The seeds had been planted, and from there we slowly started building towards AUGUSTE.

 nathalie and francois-frederic's wedding at le crystal, montreal, quebec

I'd be remiss if I didn't discuss Natalie and François-Frederic's role in the positive vibes we felt on that day. When discussing with potential clients, we often mention lofty concepts like the importance of trust and collaboration between the photographers and the couple. This may seem obvious to most, but it was truly special and humbling to witness the level of trust that these two put in us. They were familiar with, and fans of, our previous work and that made collaborating such a seamless experience. We realized that we had similar reference points, similar visual signifiers that made us all excited. Dressed to the nines, they trudged through swamps and forests in order to get the shot. They were gracious with their time, kindness and patience, and that is a huge part of why this all came together so nicely. Going forward, we hope these special rapports will be a cornerstone of AUGUSTE.

Please follow the link to see more images from Natalie + François-Frederic's wedding

We'll see you next week!