While we're no doubt informed by our peers in the wedding photography industry, we find just as much, if not more, inspiration from everything else we surround ourselves with. We'd like for this blog space to be an occasional repository of things we find exciting, beautiful or compelling from outside the matrimonial world. The purpose of this exercise is twofold. First, we hope to entertain and share fragments of our inner life that wouldn't be immediately apparent from the rest of our social media presence. Second, we hope that our readers will find common ground with us here, and that the things we highlight will be a launching point for a future collaboration or photoshoot with some like-minded souls. 

Today, I want to talk about the music video for the song *Fool's Errand* by the group Fleet Foxes. The song is taken from the band's recently released album Crack-Up, and while it's a fine listen entirely worthy of its own article, I explicitly want to focus on the visual treatment for the song, and not on the musical content. 

This short is really a small triumph of cinematography, costume-design, location scouting and surrealist storytelling. The use of primary-coloured costumes juxtaposed against rocky and arid landscapes is particularly eye-catching. And while I'm not at all knowledgeable when it comes to choreography, the dancing adds an air of foreboding mystery to the gorgeous visuals.

The compositions are excellent throughout the video, with performers deliberately framed within the geography for maximum impact. I'm also particularly fond of the use of lighting in the wider shots taking place at sunset.

It would've been easy for the video to rely on nothing but majestic landscapes to string the viewer along, there's certainly a narrative to be found in the primary dancer's escalating feverish sway - culminating in a transformation that is both adorable and unsettling. 


I could go on, but simply put, I really like this short film. It gives me wanderlust and makes me want to explore gorgeous yet slightly unsettling photography. Let us know what you think.