We're currently readying the galleries for AUGUSTE's first few weddings of 2017. Despite how recent this project, we've been fortunate enough to photograph a handful of events in the last few months and we can't wait to share them with you. In the meantime though, we want to highlight some of our favorite moments from previous years.

Today I want to share a few snaps from Pooja and Jofrank's wedding, which took place at Le Chateau Vaudreuil some summers ago. It's possible that this day has been on my mind because of how rainy these last few months in Montreal have been, though that's only partly true. Whenever I think of my favorite wedding shoots, I'll often think about the great people who happened to be in front of my lens on that day. Almost just as often however, I'll be nostalgic for something much harder to quantify: a particular mood or fleeting ambiance that ultimately colours the entire day.


Darkness can sometimes be comforting. Photographing Pooja with her friends and family in her hotel room, I was delighted by how cozy everything felt despite the gathering clouds outside and the diminishing light. Shadows crowding in corners and awkward angles, contrasting against surges of crimson and warmth.


A few years later, that darkness and that quality of light are what stay with me, along with Pooja and Jay's kindness. Here are some pictures that speak to the memory of a particular mood, one that I often find myself chasing. Directional light that hides just as much as it reveals, the lush after-rain green, the splashes of various tones of red, fire and smoke. Be well y'all, and have a happy week-end!