When discussing locations for portrait sessions with our clients, we'll often break them down into two categories: nature-y and architecture-y. We'll ask our subjects where their preferences lie between these two poles, but I'm realizing increasingly that using this reductive terminology may be limiting.  Hopefully these location scouting articles will help us develop a new vocabulary for talking about portrait locations that isn't quite so binary.

An ever popular destination for photography in Montreal remains the Old Port. It is often seen as the archetypal Montreal portrait area, and as such, in an attempt to challenge ourselves and keep our work fresh, we tend to avoid it entirely. Unless of course it is of personal significance to the individuals we are capturing. As an Old Port surrogate, we've been looking to the neighbourhoods directly west of it for interesting locales.

Given that Kim and I are residents of the South West borough, we're pretty familiar with Griffintown. I've often found myself biking through there, purposely riding through the industrial squalor sandwiched between the glitz of the new restauranteur's row on Notre-Dame, and the giant condo buildings sprouting along the Lachine Canal. And so a few weeks ago, Kim and I decided to map out a little portrait circuit in that area, in the general vicinity of the Peel basin.

We started near the corner of Ann and Wellington, and worked our way around the narrow streets, poking our heads around. We found a surprising variety of interesting colour and texture in area generally known for its beige and grey. Here's a sampling of our scouting shots from that afternoon. You'll find that most of these are somewhat raw in their presentation, but we felt that this was part of the appeal of the area. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post featuring this location in action! Two weeks ago, I had a great shoot with Sarah and Dov in this general area, complete with street food dim sum, so we'll be showcasing images from that wedding when they are ready. Cheers everybody, and have a great week-end!