You'll have noticed that the AUGUSTE blog has been awfully quiet in recent weeks. This is both because we've had a particularly busy September shooting weddings, and also because Kim recently became a mother to the loveliest baby girl. Their little family is doing extremely well and capitalizing on some well-deserved nesting time.

With September winding down, we're starting to deliver AUGUSTE's very first galleries to our late Summer clients. We'll have a ton of new work to share here shortly and some fun additions to our portfolio. For now though, here's a blog post about a location that would be FANTASTIC for a fall couple's shoot. Any takers?


I recently visited the Parc National des Îles-de-Boucherville for a nice afternoon picnic to celebrate four years with my partner. Located in the St-Laurent channel, the parc is a brisk 30 minute drive from the city. Watercraft(canoe and kayak) rentals are available, and the parc offers kilometers of isolated walking trails and shoreline vistas. Barring the occasional inconsiderately loud blast of "Despacito" coming from boats moored in the channel, the parc is isolating and surprisingly wild, with a large population of white-tailed deer roaming its woods. I even managed to get a quick, though somewhat obscured, shot of one of the herds before some over-excited joggers scared the deer away. You can find that below!


Aside from the pretty groves and other natural wonders, the parc has some interesting infrastructure design that could lend itself well to portrait photography. There are tributary-crossing suspension bridges, and camping structures that recall Neolithic stone circles. Though that last one might just be my dorky imagination. You can judge for yourselves by glancing at the gallery below.


Thanks for reading. As mentioned above, we'll have some exciting things to share here in the coming weeks. There'll be a ton of new photo content, as well as a profile of one of the city's most talented cake designers. À bientôt!