My job as a wedding videographer is to tell a story, and my job as a storyteller is to find a balance between well-composed and emotional. It’s truly the best when that happens.

I look for that balance every day: in music, dance, comedy… even in food. I could write many, many pages about cheeseburgers that moved me to tears because they were not only delicious but also perfectly assembled.

But we’re not here to talk about cheeseburgers. Maybe another time (I have lots to say). Today, I want to focus on two recent discoveries. They’re each beautiful to look at, but they also have this rich vein of emotion running through them that just hits me right in the feels.

The Blaze - Territory

Music videos of this caliber always stay with me. This beautifully-shot portrait of a young North African man who seemingly boxes? Hasn’t seen his family is a very long time? Got in trouble? There’s no dialogue to work with, so you're left piecing together your own backstory for him with these cinematic, often haunting little vignettes of his return home.

Chef’s Table – Season 4

Chef’s Table is an ongoing source of inspiration. Since I first discovered it a few years ago, I’ve been pausing and screen-grabbing specific shots so I can try to adapt it to a wedding shoot. I just finished Season 4. I mostly want cake, but I also want to point out the series’ balance of aesthetic and emotion. I love how the focus is not just on the food. There’s a subject here: a cook, a creative, a person with flaws and fears. Again though, none of this is revealed explicitly but rather inferred through camera techniques: close-ups, slow motion, shaky cam, etc.