The pictures we're sharing today are from the last wedding I shot for Grey Sparrow studio about a year ago, right before AUGUSTE's first season actively got underway. 

Shooting Sarah and Dov's wedding as my final event for Grey Sparrow was fortuitous and incredibly fitting. Over the years we had photographed so many of the couples' friends, many who's faces are all over this website, that the wedding felt like something of a reunion among friends, and a lovely encapsulation of my time at Grey Sparrow. 


While the familiarity was a great comfort, it also gave me added pressure to innovate. I wanted Sarah and Dov's photos to particularly stand out from those of their friends who I'd worked with before. Thankfully, the couple gave me their utmost trust, and we were able to take advantage of a location I'd never explored before. Not pictured here is the mid-photoshoot dim-sum food truck stop, something that should be mandatory during long wedding day adventures.


When we started putting out these blog posts, Kim and I agreed that we'd try to distance ourselves from rote or cliché observations about our subjects. We wanted to make things a bit more insightful and personal, and to only talk about the couples we work with in ways that felt true to them and to our time spent together. Sarah and Dov have an uncanny complicity, one that's rarely seen. It was obvious this entire day. These two adore spending time together, and no amount of wedding day spectacle and chaos could obfuscate that. That's rare, and quite a joy to be around.


These pictures are a small collection of portraits and moments from throughout their day that I rather liked. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for much more stuff in this blog space in the coming weeks.