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One of the founding principles of AUGUSTE was to have a holistic approach to our editorial process in a way that focused on highlighting authentic and idiosyncratic details about the events and couples we photograph. 


In the past, I sometimes obfuscated these details in pursuit of some pre-conceived standard of beauty or aesthetics. Spaces and scenes made to feel different from what they truly were by way of careful, and sometimes precious, framing and composition. While this occasionally made for cleaner, easier to parse, and more traditionally beautiful shots, it often robbed the photo of its sense of place and history, not to mention of its context within the story I was trying to tell.


Karey and Clarence's wedding was the first I officially shot for AUGUSTE last year. It was exciting and invigorating — my first steps into this new adventure — though somewhat tempered by the absence of my partner Kim. It was also perfect grounds to start laying the seeds for what AUGUSTE was and still is to become. The couple had chosen to celebrate at Café Ferreira, nestled between Montreal's downtown high-rises. This is an area that I would have traditionally avoided for portraits for a number of reasons; the streets are jammed with cars and people, the architecture is inconsistent and messy, and the noise and bustle aren't naturally conducive to intimate photo sessions. 


This time though, I wanted to lean into it. This meant highlighting what it's like to get married downtown in summertime rush hour — leaning into that very bustle I used to try to avoid. But also to try and find beautiful light and interesting nooks hidden just behind the streets and storefronts we take for granted. These are a few of my favourite images from that day. In the coming weeks we'll be sharing some more of our favourite moments from AUGUSTE's first year. Thanks for reading.

 stephanie + joel's engagement session at parc nature bois-de-liesse, montreal

This weekend we'll be popping our 2017 wedding cherry with Stephanie and Joel in Montreal. This will be one of our last collaborations with Grey Sparrow before shooting for AUGUSTE starts in earnest. Nevertheless we'll be sharing some of our favorite images from the session on this here blog.

 stephanie + joel's engagement session at parc nature bois-de-liesse, montreal

Back in the fall, we shot a couple's session with Steph and Joel at the Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park, a location that was all new to us. One of the unmitigated joys of our job is discovering new areas, and letting them surprise us with their possibility space for portrait photography. There's something thrilling about walking through a new area and getting excited about how the light falls just so. And so last week, when planning this coming weekend's wedding portrait shoot, Kim and I realized that it'd be great to have an excuse to check out new portrait locations on a regular basis. That led to us hatching this idea for a blog post series about interesting spots in and around Montreal. As you can probably surmise from AUGUSTE's work, we're big fans of landscape photography, so these entries are likely to focus on empty spaces, or images without a defined subject. We want to them to serve as inspiring launch pads for our prospective or future clients. We hope that people will be able to see themselves somewhere in these shots, or at the very least for these pictures to make them think about taking a walk somewhere different. 


Our destination this weekend with Steph and Joel is Beaver Lake. This is one of our city's obvious landmarks, and yet somehow we've never really engaged in a lengthy portrait session there. Given the prominent "trees and how pretty they are" aspect of their fall portrait shoot, we'd like to try our hand at incorporating lines and texture a bit more in Sunday's photos. Mount Royal is an obvious haven for lush greenery, but we'll be keeping an eye out for some architectural order amidst all the natural disarray. Keep in mind these shots were taken before we had the idea for these location scouting blogs, so they may not be fully realized or inspiring. We promise the next one will be better.

Tapping into last week's talk of collaboration, we'd like to hear about interesting, off the beaten path locations from you, our readers! Let us know in the comments or via e-mail at if you have any hot tips. We'll do our best to report back with our findings. Happy week-end!