I know you have a great story in you. All weddings do. I hope to be lucky enough to help you tell it.

For most of my adult life, I’ve made a living as a storyteller. I paid my way through college as a tour guide, I got my start as an editor working on documentaries and interviews, and I’ve profiled fascinating people and places as a freelance writer. Something I’ve learned is that the best stories blend two key ingredients: relatable and original. We like familiar spaces, but we also crave variety and twists.

This is why weddings are great stories: there’s a rhythm that feels pleasantly familiar – same protagonists, same themes – yet they’re also wonderfully diverse and creative, especially in a city like Montreal. As we move further away from traditional nuptials, a space has opened up for us to plan a celebration that’s a true reflection of who we are.

That where I step in. I’m here to tell your story.

Michael Johnson, notre cinéaste chef // Michael Johnson, chief videographer

Michael Johnson, notre cinéaste chef // Michael Johnson, chief videographer

We will meet beforehand so you can share your ideas and expectations. An engagement shoot can be fun because it often sets the tone – think of it as a prequel.

On your wedding day, my team and I will begin our coverage with your pre-ceremony ‘prep’: hair and makeup, getting dressed, and whatever pre-ceremony traditions are planned (reveals, toasts, etc.). We will capture your ceremony and portraits in their entirety, followed by an evening filming the fun, food, dancing, speeches and anything else you have in store for your guests.

But it wouldn’t be your story if I didn’t capture everything in between, too. Weddings overflow with tender and often fleeting moments that help tell paint the full picture of your day: anticipant, anxiety, vulnerability, excitement, relief, melancholy and, of course, immense joy. I capture each and every one of these moments with the respect and humility of someone who recognizes the privilege of being in your ‘inner circle’ as your day unfolds.

I will capture these moments as a fly on the wall. Your wedding day might have scripted elements to it, but rest assured your wedding video is not one of them. I do this because I think it’s not only more authentic but also more comfortable for you and your wedding party. The most natural and emotionally-rich moments happen when you’re swept up, not when you’re self-aware.

Our work is done a few weeks later, when we’ve delivered a story of your wedding day you’ll cherish for life.